Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Amadeüsss ihr spa.....

Michas 500

almost ready to move in

Schloss Falkenlust 500ccm Müßigfahrt

Remscheid Run !


Todesmozart tattoo friday..

Keep Zollstock beautiful - GET TATTOOED!

new roof for the shop...

spring 2013, prepared for the rain...

Amadeüsss dragtypo

Amadeüsss tres puntos favela knives


deathmozart stickers....


After moving into our Favela, it was time for a high-tech, thermo recycling heating system.
It took about a month of calculating and science to develop the concept ,and one night of fabricating. This is what we came up with:
The hot and pallet-hungry  Frankenstove - system Amadeüsss.